Years of programming

1CloudSky is at the heart of the digital transformation movement. Our global team of technical consultants has an average of 20 years of experience building enterprise and commercial software.

We provide consulting services in:

GRC and Compliance: we offer consulting and advisory services in data governance and for companies preparing for, or maintaining, SOC, GDPR, and ISO 27001. more…

Cloud Architecture: we offer cloud solutions and systems architecture consulting for new product builds, product extensions, and legacy application migrations. more…

We provide technical services in:

Amazon Web Services: we offer engineering, development, and managed services for many of the AWS infrastructure and service offerings. more…

Full Stack Web and Mobile Development: we write full stack web and mobile software solutions, including responsive, interactive front-ends and API/microservices backends. more…

BPM and Low/No Code Development: we provide process design and implementation, development, deployment, and management for enterprise BPM and low/no-code platforms. more…

Internet of Things: we offer architecture, design, engineering, and programming of device-to-cloud IoT solutions, including embedded device programming, resilient and scalable cloud services, and big data IoT analytics.

Intelligent Conversational Interfaces (Chatbots): we offer multi-channel, truly natural language conversational interface application development. more…

Our skills are diverse. On the server, we work in .Net, Python, and NodeJs. On the frontend we work in Angular, React, jQuery, JavaScript, iOS/Swift, and Android/Java. For cross-platform web/mobile/desktop development we work in Xamarin and Kivy. In the backoffice we work in .Net and Python; and we still support legacy platforms like Microsoft VB and Microsoft Access applications (ask us how we tackled a mainframe migration from Natural & Adabas). Some of the specialized tools we’ve worked with include Neo4j, BPM, Tensorflow, and more.

Most of our experience in cloud infrastructure is with Amazon Web Services: EC2, RDS, Lambda, API Gateway, S3, Elastic Containers, IoT. But we’ve also worked in Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others.

The 1CloudSky team works in three locales, optimized so that business-centric expertise and customer contact is centralized in North America, while most tech implementation services are handled from Asia or Eastern Europe. This provides the best possible blend of on-shore design and support services with off-shore cost effectiveness.

United States – Our US team is based in Atlanta, Georgia (Alpharetta, to be precise), but is virtual across the states and Canada. Our US team focuses on project management and scrum mastering, software architecture and design, data analysis, BPM and process design/architecture, GRC and data-sensitive engineering and development, sales and business development, and the dirty business of accounting.

Philippines – Our Manila team specializes in Amazon Web Services (AWS), .Net and .NetCore programming, BPM and process integration development, and some of 1CloudSky’s own commercial software development.

Poland – Our team in Poland specializes in open source programming, including PHP, Python, and Drupal, as well as some of 1CloudSky’s own commercial software development.

Our Team Map

Key Industries: Manufacturing, Distribution and Supply Chain Management, Business and Commercial Software Companies, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Banking and Finance, Higher Education, Hospitality, Human Resources Service Providers, Human Resources and Workforce Management Software Companies, Process and Polymer Manufacturing, Restaurants and Fast Food, Transportation and Logistics, Travel.

A sampling of some of 1CloudSky’s recent projects:

  • Developed commercial reporting platform based on conventional data warehouse design and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, C#, AngularJS.
  • Developed commercial employee assets management product in .NetCore (open source .Net), AngularJS, running in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Developed commercial membership portal for travel industry in Drupal, with custom modules in PHP.
  • Developed suite of API integrations in REST using Python and FlaskRESTful, running in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Migrated mission-critical HR application for employee criminal background and education verifications from Microsoft Access to Web application in .Net, C#, and SQL Server.
  • Developed commercial new employee onboarding application in .Net, C#, with jQuery, utilizing Amazon Web Services RDS and running in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Modernized employee compliance tracking internal business application from ASP to ASP.Net.
  • Developed commercial new employee onboarding application in NodeJS with AngularJS, utilizing Amazon Aurora and running in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Developed integration between .Net based employee onboarding platform (SQL Server) and applicant tracking system via RESTful interfaces.