The promise of the digital transformation movement is agility. You are able to adapt to market and customer demands rapidly. You’re able to respond to changing requirements before your competition. You’re people are unhampered in problem-solving and innovation. Digital strategy for all organizations must enable the workforce to do more, to do it quickly, and to do it independently of IT but still within IT’s governance.

The Age Of Citizen Developers

There is, perhaps, no better manifestation of digital transformation than the term “citizen developer”. Business Process Management (BPM), low-code, and no-code systems empower digital innovation where it is needed most: within the business. Workers understand the challenges they face better than IT and they interface with customers more directly.

1CloudSky understands both the challenges and the opportunities citizen developers pose in the digital transformation process. Our process engineers, data governance consultants, integration developers, and programmers are uniquely qualified to free your workforce for innovation, but within the requirements of good governance.

Platform Independence

Many ERP, Financials, and CRM vendors now offer workflow, process orchestration, and low-code solutions within their platforms. Unfortunately, the scope of their functionality and data governance is often limited to their platform and the ease of use in their offering comes at a huge price of lock-in with their platform.

1CloudSky’s BPM and low-code offering based on the AgilePoint NX platform offers affordable, enterprise-grade process automation and low/no-code citizen enablement that won’t chain you to your ERP or CRM system.


Citizen developers and business analysts tasked with automating business processes can’t be expected to resolve platform and browser compatibilities and differences. They can’t be expected to anticipate upgrade requirements and design SDLC’s for their low/no-code solutions. They need to focus on solving their problems and shouldn’t have to worry about how their solutions will run: they should just run.

1CloudSky’s BPM and low-code offering, including AgilePointNX, allows your digitally enabled workforce to think about their solution and not worry about where and how it will run, now and tomorrow.

Agility Is Key

At the center of our low/no-code services strategy is the enterprise BPMS product AgilePoint. Agility, you can say, is their namesake. 1CloudSky has partnered with AgilePoint for over a dozen years, almost since the inception of BPM technology. Nobody has the BPM and AgilePoint perspective that 1CloudSky has.

But our experience in low/no-code doesn’t end with AgilePoint. We have worked with numerous drag-and-drop and RAD tool builders, from Salesforce to Quick Base and Knack. If your digital strategy includes workforce enablement–and it should–we are uniquely positioned to help you execute it in a secure, sustainable way.