Moving to the cloud is at the heart of the digital transformation. This is true for both commercial software products and internal IT applications. But building applications for the cloud isn’t the same as building conventional stack applications. And simply re-deploying legacy application to cloud infrastructure doesn’t achieve the goals of digital transformation. To succeed in this critical part of digital strategy requires experienced, cloud-native architecture and design.

Scalable, Secure, Cost-Effective Cloud Architectures

1CloudSky has been architecting and building successful commercial cloud products for over a decade. While we are highly skilled in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, we do have exposure to Azure, GCP, and other cloud platforms. We can help you select and engineer the best cloud infrastructure, and we can architect a truly cloud-based solution that is scalable, secure, and cost-effective to build and operate.

Commercial Product Development

1CloudSky has designed and lead the building of dozens of successful commercial products, from full suite B2B products to extensions of existing applications. Our cloud architecture consulting services often start with market analysis–qualitative and quantitative–and proceed through formal product management, lean, and agile process definitions. In short, not only do we design great cloud products, we design great cloud teams to get them built.

Legacy Application Migration And Repurposing

Most organizations have priceless investments in applications and data, and 1CloudSky has helped many extend the lifecycle of those business critical apps. We have migrated and repurposed mainframe applications, desktop database applications, and first generation web applications to modern, scalable cloud architectures. We are uniquely experienced in preserving the investment in value in legacy applications and their data.

Cloud Optimization

Often in the digital transformation rush, applications are “cloudified” without truly understanding and leveraging the unique aspects and requirements of cloud architecture. The results can be disappointing reliability, poor performance, and dangerously unsecure applications and data. 1CloudSky has helped many organizations lock down their data, secure their applications, and achieve performance, reliability, and scalability.