Digital Transformation requires resources and expertise. You need experienced engineers and programmers to execute your vision, and you need them rapidly. Contingent resources are often the way to go, but you also need a true, strategic partner to synthesize the technology, a partner with dozens of commercial product builds and go-to-markets under their belt, a partner experienced in executing digital strategy, a partner who will stand with you even after the programming is complete.
1CloudSky offers skilled resources to help achieve your digital strategy.

The Best Of Onshore And Offshore

Hiring a development partner shouldn’t be about throwing as many of the cheapest resources available at a project. Careful thought should be put into the organizational design of your digital team, strategic thought.

1CloudSky uniquely offers Human Capital Institute (HCI) certified Strategic Workforce Planning thought leadership in the process of defining and building your digital transformation team. We synthesize internal and external resources and we balance onshore architects and project managers with offshore technical resources.

The end result? Rapid, successful, cost-optimized turnaround on your digital transformation initiatives.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Engineering, Development, And Programming

Our cloud platform of choice is Amazon Web Services. We have been building successful commercial enterprise software in AWS, and migrating legacy applications to AWS, since 2009. We’ve worked in core compute services, storage services, machine learning services, governance services, IoT services, and more. We are, simply put, AWS experts.

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Full Stack Web And Mobile Development And Programming

Whether you are building or repurposing a market-facing commercial cloud application or a business-critical internal application, 1CloudSky has decades of experience building full stack web and mobile applications. Our technology stacks and core competencies include .Net, LAMP, MEAN, and Python/Django.

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Business Process Management (BPM) And Low-Code Development And Programming

From workflow programming and low-code development to Business Process Management (BPM) and no-code development, “citizen programming” is now a viable component of digital transformation strategy. 1CloudSky has a decade-plus relationship with BPM leader AgilePoint and the AgilePoint-1CloudSky partnership is uniquely positioned to empower your digital workforce.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Development And Programming

If collecting data from across your organization, making your products smarter, or extending your digital enablement to the four corners of the globe is part of your transformation strategy, then IoT is a key piece of your strategy. 1CloudSky’s experience with IoT spans embedded software development to scalable device management and analytics.

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Intelligent Chatbot Development And Programming

There’s a lot of buzz and hype around Artificial Intelligence in the digital transformation era. But one of the best applications of AI is natural language, conversational user interfaces. 1CloudSky has pioneered a unique method of conversation design and we are proud to partner with AWS to offer chatbot development services in AWS Lex and with Twilio to offer chatbot development services in Twilio Autopilot.

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