Modern software development is continually evolving, the digital landscape constantly shifts, sometimes with sudden seismic movements. Languages and platforms come and go like fads. Architectural trends and design patterns pop up and many fade into obscurity. User interfaces follow style trends as much as they follow technologies.
At 1CloudSky, we can support your full stack web and mobile development efforts by architecting, designing, building, testing, and deploying practical software that stands the test of time.

Our Framework Of Choice: Pragmatism

There is no shortage of viable web application frameworks, from .Net and J2EE, to Ruby on Rails and Python/Django. But our first question to you will be, “What are you trying to accomplish?” That’s because we know from a couple of decades of experience that the solution is more important than the technology. This sense of pragmatism is pervasive in everything we do, from requirements gathering and architecture, to UX/UI design and coding.

Rest assured we’re on top of the technologies. But also rest assured we’re going to focus on the application and create a practical, maintainable product.

Backend Development

The majority of our projects and products have been built in .Net or .Net Core, though we also have experience with Python (Django and Flask) and NodeJs (the MEAN stack). We’ve also been tasked with maintenance of legacy Ruby and Java applications.

We’ve built microservices and serverless architectures and we’ve built conventional single-stack and load-balanced applications.

Responsive, Interactive, Engaging Web UI Development

Frontend web development continues to see rapid changes in Java-enabled technologies. Our most recent UI development work has predominantly been in Angular, with particular attention paid to responsive design. We also have worked in React and Meteor. And plenty of jQuery.

Our staff includes both very talented and creative UI designers and skilled Javascript developers who are accustomed to creating great UI’s together.

Multi-Platform Mobile Development

We can support native mobile development in both Swift (iOS) and Java (Android), as both standalone mobile apps with API/microservices enabled backends. But we can also support single codebase development in either Xamarin or Python/Kivy.