Another technology revolution is occurring. It’s not so much about the mashup of AI and instant messaging. The real revolution is all about a new means of interacting with software. Chatbots aren’t just virtual assistants, they’re user interfaces. They’re a window into your infrastructure and your digital strategy. They’re a way to engage your customers, employees, and partners in a conversational way that requires no training. And if you’re not considering ways to apply them today, you’re already behind the digital transformation curve.

Multi-Channel, Integrated, Conversational Interfaces

1CloudSky is a leader in conversational interface systems, aka chatbots. Our experience with integrating messaging channels in enterprise software goes back over a decade, even before AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing made language interpretation and understanding user intent became possible. We’ve even pioneered a way of designing conversations.

We can help you build commercial-grade conversational interfaces that sell products and services to your customers. That guide customers and partners through complex support queries. That keep your workforce productive and happy.

True Natural-Language Conversations

A conversational interface system is not simply a series of prompts, it’s a technology that facilitates conversation. It is one that is smart of enough to infer the user’s intent, even if they say it in different ways than has ever been said or if they misspell a word or submit a typo. It is one that is smart enough to handle unanticipated responses and users who change their mind in the midst of the conversation.

1CloudSky utilizes two of the most popular NLP engines on the market, Amazon Lex (the conversational intelligence behind Alexa) and Twilio Autopilot. We are experts in building TRULY intelligent conversations.

System And Process Integrated

A chatbot is only useful as a window into your systems. Customers want to inquire about products, meaning they are querying your product and inventory databases. They want to inquire about orders and invoices and payments, requiring integration with your ERP and financials. Employees inquire into benefits and pay issues with conversational integration with HRMS.

Not only can 1CloudSky build conversational interfaces into your business systems, we can dynamically launch workflows that drive complex, multi-touch business processes. A new customer placing an order by chatbot, for example, can fire off a process which stores their customer data to Salesforce, writes their order information to ERP, assigns an account manager for the customer’s territory or industry, and queues up a series of emails introducing them to more of your services and products.

Multi-Channel Communications Interfaces

Chatbots–conversational interfaces–don’t have to be limited to those pop-up instant messengers that you see on websites. While they are the common face of conversational interfaces today, there’s no reason to limit your interface touchpoints to IM.

1CloudSky can build conversational chatbot interfaces with true, natural language processing, fully integrated with your business systems, that users can interact with by instant message, SMS text, interactive voice, WhatsApp, and FaceBook Messenger. We can even build conversational chatbots for Alexa and Alexa for Business.