The Internet of Things is expanding at a pace greater than the most aggressive forecasts a few years ago. Customers are demanding ever-smarter products and innovative ways of engaging with vendors and partners. Companies need more complete insight–which requires data–into their real-time operations. IoT is one of the principal drivers of the digital transformation.

Extreme Competitive Advantage Through IoT

IoT is not just smarter products and collecting more data. The true promise of IoT is competitive advantage. Smart home devices. Buttons to reorder products. Deeper insight into operational efficiency. With IoT, you can offer highly differentiated services and create new revenue streams. You can minimize costs and better protect capital investments. You can gain an edge before your competition can.

Smart Products

The lines between hardware and software are blurring. No longer do you have to have a desktop computer to create software-enabled intelligent applications. MPU “system on a chip” devices offer full compute power comparable to desktop computers just a decade or so ago for $2. And that includes WiFi and Bluetooth.

1CloudSky has decades of experience building embedded systems: we’ve coded in C/C++ and Assembly and burned proms. We can still work in embedded systems to create smart products, but today’s start of the art is architecting, building, and managing distributed farms of smart devices based on MPU’s. Our tech skills include C/C++, the AWS IoT SDKs (Embedded C, Python, Java, JavaScript), Zerynth, PlatformIO, MicroPython, and the full AWS IoT suite.

Data Acquisition

It used to be that data acquisition required expensive specialized hardware and networking equipment. Data acquisition requirements across geographies required dedicated cellular devices or satellite windows. And the costs and infrastructures of those legacy systems resulted in very limited collection of the most valuable data. But IoT now makes it possible to collect data cost effectively, using standard networking equipment, resulting in an explosion of opportunities to collect more data and creating an entirely new problem of data management.

1CloudSky has a decades long history of building data acquisition systems, from embedded meteorological acquisition systems and process control monitoring on the plant and warehouse floor, to MQTT and satellite telemetry, we are experts in on-site and distributed data acquisition and the big data problems–and opportunities–resulting from IoT today.